Connecting and empowering educators worldwide

A new open social media platform for educators, initially focused on the collaborative curation of collections of open resources. MoodleNet will be an integral part of the Moodle ecosystem, sustainably empowering communities of educators to share and learn from each other to improve the quality of education.

Join a MoodleNet instance

MoodleNet is a network of independent websites for educators all running the same software. It's what's known as a federated social network. While every website is slightly different in terms of content and emphasis, being part of one is being part of the whole.

Set up your own MoodleNet instance

MoodleNet is Free and Open Source Software (under the AGPL licence) which can federate with other instances of MoodleNet and other compatible ActivityPub servers. You are encouraged to run an instance yourself, to increase the diversity and resiliency of the federated network.

How to deploy an instance

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